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Mountain Park Denies Sale Rumors

Holyoke Transcript-Telegram

Oct. 19th, 1987

HOLYOKE - Mountain Park is for sale as a park, not as real estate for condominiums or other development, a manager at the amusement park said today.

Timothy Champagne discounted rumors that the 94-year old, approximately 250-acre park on Mount Tom is being sold off for housing or that it has already been sold to developer Anthony W. Ravosa.

"His (owner John J. Collins) intention at this time is to sell it as a park," Champagne said. Collins is on vacation and could not be reached for comment. 

Ravosa, contacted Friday, wouldn't comment on whether he had bought the land or made an offer.

"At this point, we really have not begun any negotiations," Champagne said, explaining that sale notices went out only two weeks ago. He said he has heard from about 10 national amusement park companies but wouldn't identify any at this time, and said he isn't able to name a price for the park.

Champagne said the decision to sell is based on a number of business factors and has nothing to do with this summer's accident in which a man was killed on the park's train ride, or previous accidents at the park.

"Many, many smaller amusement parks are going out of business in the country," Champagne said. "Liability insurance is just so far out of reach... labor in the area has gotten so far out of reach."

"The general operating costs are getting so overwhelming that its just becoming very difficult," he said. A bigger chain would be better able to operate the park without raising prices substantially, he said.

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