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Mountain Park (1897-1987)

A View of Mountain Park From Above During the Better Years
Mountain Park was a traditional trolley amusement park situated on beautiful Mt. Tom in Holyoke Massachusetts.  Up until its untimely demise in 1987, Mountain Park entertained the people of Western Massachusetts with wonderful rides such as the Mountain Flyer roller coaster, the historic carousel, flyers, whip, and tempest.

What's New


R.I.P. - Carousel House, Whip and Bumper Car Buildings

A suspicicous fire tore through many of the remaining buildings at the former Mountain Park the other night.  Among the buildings lost were the carousel house (perhaps the most structualy sound of all the remaining structures), the Whip building and the Bumper Car building.  An investigation is underway, with arson being assumed to be the cause.  Look for more information as it becomes available.

Site Updates
Still working on several sections of the site.  If there are any pages that don't exist it's because I'm still working on them.

New Links
Check out Bob C.'s new page on Mountain Park for some pictures taken after the park closed in 1987, the destruction of the Mountain Flyer in 1990, and pictures of the park just before the recent fire.  To reach his page, click here.




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